Fireplaces: Timeless Warmth


All of the fireplaces I create have a timeless quality about them. That quality is the sum of all the subtleties that make a fireplace a feature in your homes, much like a fine piece of furniture. It starts with good design and pleasing proportions, an artistic blend of form and function.

For me, building a fireplace is like fitting stones together in a wall. It is that kind of harmony that I want to achieve for you. The mortar joints of my fireplace are thin and elegant. The bricks or stones seem to flow together creating a surface that your eyes can follow effortlessly.

Style Matching

There are no thick chunky joints to break up the form. In addition, the mortar itself can be colored to achieve an old-time effect. Then the proportions of the structure bring the whole unit together.

I will work with you to create a design that fits your needs and that is wonderful to look at — even without a fire in it! This exciting part of the whole process is limited only by your imagination. My crew and I will travel almost anywhere to build a fireplace and we welcome and use local help. I give details about a few of the fireplaces I’ve built on the next page.

Not only do my fireplaces warm the soul, they are functional cookers. I can install iron swing cranes that hold pots, and irons that have grills. You can even have a brick oven along the side, to try your hand at pies and pizzas.

Choose the appropriate material. Bricks can be antique bricks salvaged from old buildings, or a new restoration type. Other materials include granite, marble, slate, soapstone, Verdi Antique (a type of marble unique to Vermont), stone, or tile.